Atric Technology was created with a mindset in providing semiconductors for the technology and computer Market.  Starting as brokers for Dram products, Atric Technology manage to successfully increase their sales and customer base by offering dram products manufactured by third parties who didn’t know how to engage in the US Market and the Latin America market. Atria’s team expertise and knowledge on this Market helped the company, and its business to established new business relationship that are translated now a day into a consecutive year after years of success and strong business character.

Established in 1999 Atric Technology Inc. is now centrally located in Southern California, with branch offices in Miami (Doral Area), Hong Kong and Mainland China. Through more than a decade of serving customers from all over the world, Atric has built itself into a true DRAM expert featuring wholesale and retail of variety of computer parts and peripherals.
Our select catalog and competitive edge pricing makes us one of the fastest growing leading independent wholesale distributors in the market. We are proud of ourselves in providing our customers with quality assessment in DRAM products as well as being updated with the latest trends in computer technology. Through our sales office in the area of Miami Doral, FL, conveniently located minutes away from Miami Intl Airport, we are able to focus and expand new business to emerging markets providing computer hardware solutions to big, medium and small sized distributors all across Latin America. Our expert staff is ready to assist with personal attention and comprehensive advice.